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Ok, so i was playing csgo (as one does) and it kept having micro stutters every minute or so of gameplay for the past couple of weeks but it became really bad yesterday. long story short but i diagnosed the issue to being my r9 290 running at an i smit you not 87 Celcius!!! i wish i took bloody screenshots i couldnt beleive it. anyways so i use wattman to set my maximum allowed temp to 60 and the fan started whirring like a jet engine and the temp went down to 58 and i was gaming for about 4 hours after without a single hickup. so i thank the amd gods for fixing the problem and i figure i will update the amd software before going to bed.

this morning i wake up and i want to check the thermal curve and i cant find it anywhere. then i figure i must be missing it in the mountain of menues so i find this article:



and i am even more confused than before. my screen looks nothing like this! i was never prompted to accept any eula and i cant even "tune" temp because every time i flip the switch to on and click apply it turns it back to off!!!!!!!!


i am this flipping close to ripping my hair out i am so bloody done with this nonsense. why does my screen look nothing like the one in the support article???? is my gpu going to go to 56004503 21589012 degrees again???? why did i think updating was a good idea


and finally, where the can i find wattman????? in my picture attached you can see i even type wattman into the search at the top right and it recommends the same page i am in on the screenshot. 


do you need to download wattman separately now? if so can someone please link me where???? ive spent all bloody morning googling and i cant find any answers i just want my house to not catch on fire from unregulated temps plz help


tldr = how can i make a temperature curve if my most recent version 19.12.3 does not have the same options os my 10 month out of date wattman had, and looks nothing like the support article software?