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3950x low single core boost

Question asked by kunia13 on Dec 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2020 by mccharle

I'm looking for some help with trying to figure out why my single core boost never passes 4.3ghz in R20. I get just under 500 points with single core. When running all-core test, I'll stay at around 3.95 ghz and I'll end up with just under 9000.

In Ryzen Master, with every background application off my idle temps are around 38c. 

Specs: Asus X570 Hero, latest bios, default preset

32gb 3600 running at 3600

x72 kraken AIO

AMD balanced power setting in windows

I'm not into overclocks or playing with voltages (thou it's idles at 1.4+ volts all the time). I mostly use the pc for work and I need it to be stable. One of my apps is pretty much single threaded so more clock is faster. 


Should I start with my cooler and thermal paste application? The X72 came with the "new" clip on type bracket. NZXT has send me the older am4 bracket with standoffs. Should I try with that and perhaps apply the thermal paste in X patter?


Any ideas?