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RX Vega slow accelerated UI in apps and context menues graphical corruption (not drawing until mouse over) Adrenalin 19.2.2

Question asked by msimic on Dec 23, 2019

I recently upgraded the driver to 19.12.2 and setup the GPU to do GPU scaling.

And also upgraded CPU from Ryzen 2600 to 3600.

I am using 4K @ 60Hz resolution connected to the TV on a Vega 56.

Windows 10 1903 64 bit.

Everything worked with previous driver before upgrading.


I used DDU to uninstall the previous driver and I told the new driver to delete all previous settings when installing.


A new issue that has cropped up is that after a while when running windows some apps that have accelerated UI through I guess direct X (one example is Microsoft WPF apps) do not draw correctly. They are drawn with parts completely invisible until you pass the mouse over them (they get invalidated and then draw).


The same happens in other accelerated apps, like chrome but only on some parts like context menues.


The performance problem is also huge, any such apps become very slow, like for example discord, that uses some animation effects, gets to draw in one or two frames per second those animations.


Another thing that got slow is when windows draws the transition effect for showing the UAC dialog.

Seems that somehow all accelerated UI is broken.


This does not happen in games, they run well, in direct X at least.


One screenshot of the problem when opening context menu in google Chrome in attachment.


Any suggestions on what could be the problem?