Vega 56 Kernel Power 41

Discussion created by retrodoge on Dec 21, 2019
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-AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

-MSI B450M Gaming Plus

-16 GB DDR4 3200 G Skill Ripjaws


-Be quit System Power 9 700 Watt

-PowerColor RedDragon Rx Vega 56


Hello everybody,


My Pc is restarting while gaming.

Only underload while playing AAA Titles like: Kingdomecome or Division 2.


I have tried disabling Fast startup and Auto Restart.

Installed a clean Windows installing new drivers for everything.

I ran Memtest 86 , Furmark,Cinebench with no errors.

I checked Visor events in Windows and I have several "Critical Kernel power id 41 task 63, Bugcheck Code 0" in the times when my pc restarted.

So because its Bugcheck Code 0 i think its more of a Hardware Problem?.


I swapped the RAM and PSU with a friend of mine and the error still occurs.

So i swapped my Vega 56 withmy dads Rx 580 and the Problem was sloved.


Why is this only happening with my Vega 56?

Its my seccond Vega 56 i RMD the first one 5 Months ago.