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RX 5700 XT crashing with any drivers and new PSU

Question asked by jompero0 on Dec 21, 2019
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First my setup:
Win 10 64bit
Ryzen 5 1600x
Masterwatt 650w and Corsair RM 750x
16gb RAM


I have tried DP and HDMI cable to connect GPU to 144hz 1440p Samsung Space -screen


No overclockin, all default setting except disabled some AMD quality enchantment settings.


Screen disconnects occasionally when playing games like Apex or Borderlands 3, but games like D3 or Heroes of the Storm are all good. When screen disconnects hard reset from power button fixes it like nothing happened.
I have tried several versions of drivers (latest on included) and always by doing DDU first and I also flashed new bios in which at least felt like to help a bit. (Was able to do couple of longer Apex sessions).Also have reinstalled windows. When I tried timespy, with some drivers/attempts it went on for maybe a minute but sometimes it barely starts before crashing. Have kept eye on temperature but they stay very low at all times (60-80 C)


Read some forums and tried little tricks but nothing seems to help so far.


Already bought new PSU (the corsair) but not helping, exact same behavior still. Cant find anything helpful from event viewer. Any1 has any other ideas to try?