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How to resolve Black screen? Please read the description.

Question asked by davidbizik on Dec 20, 2019

Hello dear Comunity members, and Hello AMD support.


I got a problem with my Grapics card, wich is Black screen. I already watched a lot of Videos, how to Fix Black screen "crash", but it didn't helped me.

I bought everything New, and it's about a half year old. I have the problem since the first start of PC. It seems it is automatically set in, that after 20- 30 min. should go my grahics card off. It's happening also by playing and also by Movie Watching. Could you help me with that? As I said I already looked forward to Fixs, and I found out that "everyone" has the same problem...


My setup:


CPU:  Intel Core 5-2400 CPU @3.10 GHz 4 CPUs, ~3.1GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series

DAC type:400MHz

Full Memory: 11747MB

VRAM: 8168

Shared memory:3578 MB

BIOS Version:  08.00.10

DirectX Version: DirectX 12

Monitor Model: Samsung ue32h4000aw

Ram: 8GB

System:  Windows 10 Education


All drivers are Installed, and It isn't overclocking. Please help me!