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Install Cooler Master LC120E RGB on Asrock B350M+HDV

Question asked by cptluckystar on Dec 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2020 by cptluckystar

I recently got from my Secret Santa a Cooler Master LC120E RGB, it was on my wish list so they got it, I see on Amazon that it should install out of the box on  a AM4 Board, TBH this is my first water cooler install, I watched couple videos on Youtube on how to install, I installed the brackets but they don't fit, so I'm assuming those are for non AM4 boards, there are a couple of pressure clips included and I"m wondering if those are the AM4 mounts? I already took my Wraith off and put it back on to check to see if there was a way to get the cooler on there, so if there is a way to get the answer without having to take it off again I would appreciate, thanks for any help or suggestions.