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RX 580 8 Gb drops

Question asked by phire- on Dec 20, 2019

Hi guys, I've recently upgraded from a RX 550 2 gb to an RX 580 8 gb and have been having some problems. My computer seems to drop fps while I'm playing games even though my system exceeds the minimum requirements. I'm getting 60 fps in For Honor on extreme but my frames drop every couple of seconds. I've lowered them to the lowest settings and still the problem persists. On my old gpu I could only run it on low but there would not be any stutters. My temperatures for everything are normal and my gpu utilization stays at 100% for most of the time except when the fps drops. I've deleted my old drivers with DDU, took out the card and put it back in, reinstalled all of my games,I've set my power limit to 50%, and I've even factory reset my entire computer. I'm now out of ideas, does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks


My system specs: