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Error 173 with Adrenalin 2020 on Radeon HD8750M Hybrid Graphics

Question asked by supun92 on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by kingfish

I tried to install 19.12.2 and 19.12.3 on my Laptop which has Intel Graphics and AMD Radeon HD8750M Graphics, both versions shows error 173.


Current Adrenalin Driver(19.11.13) shows 19.12.2 as the "New Recommended" driver, but when I try to install Error 173 emerges. same with the "New Optional" 19.12.3 driver.


My System:

CPU : Intel Core i5-4200M (2.5GHz)

RAM : 12 GB DDR3

GPU : Intel Graphics 4600 + AMD Radeon HD8750M 2GB with Adrenalin 19.11.3 Driver

OS: Windows 10 version 1909