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adrenaline 2020 keeps crashing my computer when it detecting hardware. Im don't know what to do?

Question asked by mr.xenomorph404 on Dec 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by huej.rection

I have recently adqured a msi 5700 rt gaming x, when i go to download the newest version of adrenaline it will down load but when the actual software starts up and is on detecting hardware. My entire computer will freeze and restart. ive tried different slots on my mobo. I've tried switching my ram around, i've have even completely reset windows but just windows. i've tried installing different versions of adrenaline but some issue happens. 

Heres my system specs

ryzen 3600x 

16g of corsair vengence rgb ram

msi x570 gaming edge wifi

corsair rm750 psu

msi rx 5700 rt gaming x

one ssd - windows is installed here

two hdd's

This honestly is disappointing, especially since i switched from a gtx 1060, I know this card is a beast and really the best value/performance card out there right now. Hopefully we can clear this up so i can enjoy my purchase