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Will there be a fix to the blackscreen issues or should I just return my card?

Question asked by johan820 on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2019 by papawolf

I bought a 5700XT on black friday and I've been having issues with black screen like many others. I had problems from the start and the latest drivers haven't made any difference. I've tried to do a clean install with my old nvidia card and the problems went away. Went back to the 5700xt and the problems came back so it's without a doubt the GPU. 


My issues are:
-Sometimes the screen doesn't recieve input when booting. This usually requires a hard reboot.
-Sometimes the screen loses input when in desktop mode. This also requires a reset.
-Sometimes the screen loses input a minute or two after starting a game. There is still sound but the screen is completely black. This also requires a hard reboot. I've tries changing the power settings in windows that some people have recommended but this doesn't seem to help. 


I still have 39 days to return the card to my vendor which I will probably do unless there is some acknowledgement from AMD that they are aware of these issues and working on them. There are loads of people posting about similar issues yet there was nothing in the latest patch notes about this. From what I understand, these issues have been occuring ever since the launch of the 5000 series yet nothing has been done to fix it. 

So AMD, are you working on this or should I return my card and go green team instead?


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