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Condensation in Wraith Stealth Prisim Cooler?

Question asked by fretlessjay on Dec 19, 2019

I know it sounds weird. But when I was walking by my PC I noticed what looked like a water droplet inside the cooler under where the fan spins at the bottom of the cooler chassis. Which is weird because nothing in my PC is water cooled, just air cooled.  I opened my rig up and looked at it and it was indeed a small  droplet of liquid. looked around the fan and and in a  almost perfect circle around in the cooler chassis near where the tips of the fans are before they touch the chassis were  very thin streaks of condensation. It was like the cooler was slightly sweating. There was no other traces of liquid on any of my other parts. Just inside the fan area of the cooler. My house is mostly dry and no humidity. Nor was anything ever spilled in the case. I've never seen of heard a CPU air cooler doing this. Thoughts? Because I'm frankly baffled lol.