2700X random crashes, hard hang

Discussion created by manveerj on Dec 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by hardcoregames™

While sitting idly in game menus or while playing games, my system crashes. It is a hard hang with no BSOD. This only occurs when in a game. It can happen with any of the games I play, none of which are very demanding (CSGO, Overwatch, civ 5)


My build is as follows


CPU 2700x stock cooler

Gigabyte Vega 64

Corsair RMx 750W power supply

Corsair Vengence LPX 2 x 8 GB 3000mhz 

MSI b450 gaming pro carbon AC


Temperatures are completely in range, it crashes with the GPU at 40 degrees and the CPU at 60

Event viewer has nothing useful, just a Kernel power - Event ID 41 - Task Category 63. There are no other errors immediately before this error

I have replaced the power supply and the error occurs regardless of which power supply is used

The b450 motherboard has debugging lights on it. The CPU light is lit after the crash. I have to hold the power button down to shut off and turn the system back on, as it is completely response less otherwise


I have absolutely no idea what it could be, and am basically about to chuck out this entire system. The only unusual thing I have seen is that hardware monitor lists the ram voltage as 1.216 (this never changes) and my bios has it as 1.3


All chipsets and drivers are completely up to date and the most recent.