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Ryzen 2700x safe voltages

Question asked by serrixxx on Dec 19, 2019
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good to all I am a user of Spain with a ryzen 2700x and activated the precision boost overdrive on an asus prime pro x470 motherboard, after this adjustment passing cinebench the voltage is at 1.33-1.37v of maximum, same passing benmarch as prime95, but when I play gta 5, all the cores are set to 4.2ghz and the voltage rises to 1.4-1.45 maximum with temperatures of 54 degrees playing, I have an offset mode -0.1
According to an email from Amd, he told me that if I have good temperatures I would have no problems playing at that voltage that when I go through some area of the game that requires more CPU, the GHz and voltages will go down through the PBO which is like a dynamic oc,
but also what do you think? playing 1.45v maximum with good temperatures is bad for this cpu? or are they made to work like this? as amd says.
thank you very much