3950x--3400 memory--overclocking

Discussion created by zeddman on Dec 18, 2019
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Hello fello AMD,ers

I have recently upgraded and switched to AMD from Intel.

Over clocking was fairy easy with Intel , adjust the Multiplier, tweak the voltage a tad and away you go to get a mild overclock ,nothing to hardcore.


Ive left the CPU  at default and in the bios i have set the XMP memory to  "profile 1" which is 3400 and have left it at that. (that's the only profile there)

Looking at CPUZ ive noticed the 3950 sits at 4.1 pretty much all the time on idle, is this CPU running faster because of the memory speed, because from what i know shouldn't it be default 3.5?


gigabyte 570 ultra

3400 memory corsair


750 psu