Single core boost speed 3700x

Discussion created by theqqmaster on Dec 18, 2019
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OS: Windows 10 PRO (1909) (got latest X570 chipset driver from AMD site) (AMD Ryzen ballanced plan (single core boost not increse even if i change to performace, multicore bit better))

PSU: Corsair CX650M 650W (2x NVME and 1080 GTX) (so doubt it's any issue with power supply)

Motherboard: Asus X570 PRIME PRO (latest bios 1405 version with AGESA version of combo-am4
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600mhz 18-22-22-42 (got them with Direct Over Clock Profile)

CPU: 3700x with Dark ROCK PRO 4 (idle ~35-40c, with load like CB20 all core goes ~60-70c) (i got silent FAN plan, so RPM go hight after 75c)

In UEFI PBO is dissabled (Precision Boost should still work, right ?) (auto = dissabled - atleast what i read on forums (also that just giving heat nothing more, few points in CB thats nonsense to keep it enabled))
This board cant change BCLK (standart is 100mhz, but i got 99.8 mhz)

My temps are ok, even if i manual oc it all core 4.3G @ 1.325v, cpu is stable atleast for CB20 run

So the problem is i never saw cpu 4.4g single core, fault mby of BCLK just hitting 99.8 mhz ? (44 ratio x 99.8 = 4391mhz (i not even see thoose mhz))
Well tell me advices where to dig to solve the problem, mby its some UEFI setting that i miss in ASUS board
P.S. In attach got peak of single and multi core, also agesa version, if need smth more from setup, tell me

Sorry about bad english
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