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Ryzen 7 1700x wont run at base speed

Question asked by joshuanelson on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by joshuanelson

On the task manager, it says the base speed is 3.40Ghz, but it constantly runs at 2.20 or lower.  On Ryzen Master, the peak speed is 2.20Ghz.  Cool n Quiet is not a setting on my mother board so it isnt that.  Runs at 32 degrees celsius.  In fact, i have the same motherboard, processor and ram as my friend, and even on the same exact settings it wont run faster than 2.20 while his is running at 3.40.  I cant change the speed on Ryzen Master also, no matter what ive tried, applying a new profile does nothing.  Overclocking does nothing but change the base speed, while the processor still runs at 2.20.  It also never changes when im running intensive games or doing nothing, it always stays at 2.20Ghz.  Turned off global c state conrtol and it did nothing as well.  It is 2 months old along with most of the parts in my computer so nothing is dusty and dirty.  Anyone have any idea why this is happening?