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What is the name of the ProRenderer Portable PBR Packaging API?

Question asked by jackseas on Dec 17, 2019
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I am looking for the portable PBR material API that AMD created to assist translating materials supplied to the ProRenderer into formats expected by other render engines and likewise, materials for other render engines translated to be packaged in the AMD portable material API format so that they could be used the the AMD Radeon ProRenderer (in Blender to start off with). I have forgotten the name of the ProRenderer Portable PBR Packaging API.


Although it's been a while since I've actually programmed, I want to start out be trying to make a plugin using that API in a 3rd party app so that I can get that app's models with materials into Blender to render using ProRenderer 


I have built a new desktop with a MSI AMD Radeon RX 570 MK2 8GB OC (received already) and AMD Ryzen 7 2700 or AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (not yet ordered as they are both on back order at Amazon) specifically to learn to do basic example programs using the AMD Pro Renderer / ProRenderer PBR Materials packing API.


And then maybe, if the scope isn't too big, to write a plugin so that 3D scenes in a 3rd party program could call the ProRenderer API I've installed.


Pointers to examples or tutorials in programming the ProRenderer PBR Packaging API or the ProRenderer API are welcome too.


My new desktop will be built by mid-January. It only likes the CPU to be complete.


Also, I guess I should ask to be white-listed alike everyone else has been asking.