5700xt new Drivers/software report 19.12.2

Discussion created by bananqt on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by xomk

with new software and drivers 19.12.2 i have performance problems in apex legends... in close fights .... just not smooth game ! feels so lagy....before with my old rx 570 it was better! and today i had brutal pc freeze/crash. I had to manualy restart my pc and the computer took a long time to turn on(5 min) propably some drivers crash or i dont know.... ! 465 euro graphic card! I removed new soft and drivers, and now i have older software with older drivers 19.12.1 and everything is fine in apex legends. no lags, no problems in close fights ... something is with performance in new software and drivers... i tried esport , standard , gaming and nothing help.... only revert software and drivers....PLEASES fix it. AMD .

And im sorry... my englsih is not perfect but i hope u can understand. something is with performance in new software and drivers....
I didn't want to come here, but I had to. because something is wrong ! and i dont want buy overpriced card from nv***a .... Thanks.