Rx570 poor usage in-game causing low fps

Discussion created by blackjoker on Dec 17, 2019
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hello guys , recently i bought a used RX 570 (not for mining) , now im facing a big trouble and i can't find a solution for it .
the problem is : the gpu doesn't use its full power while gaming
i have the recent drivers installed , i have a windows 10 1909 version (latest one)
when i enter a game , cs:go for example , the fps is good only in the lobby , when i enter a match the fps barely reaches 80 and goes under 40 sometimes .. i tried PUBG lite , and the same results . in the lobby its 160+ fps , gpu usage 100% stable , when i enter a match the usage is unstable it jumps from 40  to 0 then 80 then 25 then 100 ... and i get only  60-70 fps wich is really bad compared to my previous gpu (gtx 1050)
there is no bottleneck for sure cuz the cpu usage is 30-40% ( i have i3 8100 )

i tought that the problem is my PSU cuz i had a 400w psu so i changed it to a 650w , but the same results ..
i tried also a fresh install of windows , i tried removing the current drivers with DDU and installing them back , i tried to roll back the drivers , Updating chipset drivers , switching power plan to High performance , i checked that vsync and freesync are disabled ..
it's really annoying and im trying to solve this problem for 10days now .. idk what is the problem !

My specs :
- Asus Rx 570 4GB OC
- Mobo : H310m Pro -vdh

- cpu : i3 8100

- ram : 8GB DDR4 2400mhz

-PSU : Thermaltake Lite power 650w

- HDD : 1 TB