cpu / heatsink issue!!!

Discussion created by 213yum on Dec 17, 2019
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i have an MSI b450 tomahawk mobo and a ryzen 2600x cpu with manufacturer heatsink

the pc had issues booting and showed the CPU error light on the mobo. i took the heatsink off and re-seated the CPU. i boot up (without the heatsink on) and the mobo seems to run (only error light showing is the VGA as i didnt have a GPU in)

i turn off the comp and install the heatsink, same issue, blinking CPU light. i have a feeling that during the installation of the heatsink, the cpu is moving out of place. so i tried again with the heatsink off, but with the heatsink fan power plugged in, computer boots, cpu fan runs

every time i screw in the heatsink, same issue occurs, either the CPU error light is on, or red LED flashes real quick and won't boot at all.

again, assuming the screwing in of the heatsink is the issue, i CAREFULLY align the screws so they are directly on top and ready to be screwed, prior to screwing them in, i turn the mobo on to ensure it runs before screwing in the heatsink. then i screw each side in MINIMALLY to stay aligned and balanced while pushing the heatsink down so one side doesnt go up during the screwing. after minimally screwing them in, it will turn on successfully. now when i screw in further and further on each corner, i continue testing to see if it boots during screwing it in then somewhere along the lines the same thing happens

please i need some help. i've been working on this for hours to no avail

maybe it's something else and i'm just trippin??

TL DR summary

when i boot up the mobo W/O a CPU, the CPU error light is on(as it should). when i put in the CPU by itself (W/O heatsink), only the VGA error light is on (dont have the GPU in). when i screw in the heatsink, it will either not boot up at all with a quick flash on the error lights, or it will turn on but the CPU error starts blinking

with CPU in, heatsink not screwed in but fan power plugged in, the mobo runs