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Radeon 2020, 60 FPS cap

Question asked by whipkickin on Dec 16, 2019
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RX 5700 XT


I just upgraded to AMD Radeon Adrenaline 2020, since I did. My games cap at 60 FPS. If I do a total factory reset of the settings within adrenaline it uncaps the FPS. But on the next PC boot it begins to cap again?

I begin at 144+ FPS, at any given time. Without me doing anything but playing, no change of settings or alt-tabbing. The overlay starts to display a constant 60 FPS and I get mouse input delay. Like if v sync was turned on by itself.

- This most oftenly occur after I restart the game while been playing with a normal FPS


I've turned off ALL settings within the Adrenaline software, Freesync, Vsync, Enhanced sync, chill, anti-lag etc.


The games being capped at 60 fps @ 1080p and 2K. If I switch resolution to 4K it uncaps it, this was not a problem I had with the old adrenalin version. While being capped at 60 FPS, it feels like v-sync/freesync/anti-lag/enhanced sync gets turned on despite being shown as OFF in both global and game specific settings. I get input delay, like I move the mouse and the aim is moved slightly afterwards.


I've also noted that global graphics settings always override my specific game settings within Adrenalin, as in if I turn on enhanced sync globally while turning it off for a specific game, it's still on for the specific game? And some settings seems to be on even if they're displayed as OFF.


Side question:

Is it possible to scale down the UI? The graphs, text and what not is way too big (Looks like 200 dpi or something). Seriously, why can't AMD make some decent software? Old adrenalin did not work very well, this one has potential (I like the settings) but it kinda feels like they pushed out a dev version.


For instance, the radeon overlay won't always scale properly going from a game to windows or vice versa.

Radeon overlay jumps back and forth from primary to secondary screen.

The red line in the top-left shown when "Recording" is active is always being displayed.


I probably won't buy another AMD product ever again, I mean the card is good but there's so much failures in the software and drivers that it's not worth using this crap. (I've already sent failure reports through the AMD online form, gotten no response what so ever.)


On a second thought, I'll never buy any of this crap again. This was a $640 dollar card, I'll happily pay NVIDIA $100 more for the same performance given that their products actually WORKS AT ANY GIVEN TIME.


Thank you for your time (and answers if you have any).