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FeedBack: Adrenaline 2020 Low FPS & High ping

Question asked by icemyth on Dec 16, 2019



I just wanted to share my experience with the new Adrenaline 2020.


I had issues with it like low FPS  and stuttering while in-game - and for whatever the reason I had high ping by 10-15more than should be in LoL (the Only game I play).
Re-installing old versions didn't help, so I ended up formatting my PC and reinstalling Adrenaline 19.9.3  and everything went back to normal in both FPS and Ping.
My PC Specs:
  • GPU: Sapphire rx 580 pulse
  • CPU: 1700 @ 3.65Mhz
  • RAM: G.Skills 32GB @ 3333Mhz.


Note: I Upgraded from 19.9.3 to 2020 version.