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Powercolor 5700XT no display when restarting

Question asked by bogdan.berbece90 on Dec 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by bogdan.berbece90

Hey guys, 


So got my new Powercolor 5700XT. Its the second one I got as the first one I had to RMA after 1 month after it would display no signal and RED LED was on the mobo. 


I used an old nvidia card for a month until the RMA came through and had no issues.


I DDU the old drivers and installed the latest one, and I have a weird issue with the new card. When I restart my pc, I get the No DP recognized, same as before, but then when i force restart it, it boots normally. So basically only when restarting from Windows this happens. Any force restart will boot my PC 100%


Its weird since I did not change anything since my first powercolor card, which I had to RMA for different reasons, but I never experienced this. Seems like a setting that I'm not familiar with that tries to boot the integrated card, which the ryzen 7 2700x doesnt have.


Maybe its an easy fix but have no idea. Cheers!


System: 16gb hyperx 3333mz, b450 msi carbon, corsair psu 850x,