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Adrenalin 2020 report (bugs and feature requests)

Question asked by offler on Dec 15, 2019

Hello guys. So i ran the driver through my set of games and here are some results.etter to 


Threadripper 1900x
Radeon VII (with Alphacool Eisblock AIO)
AsRock X399M
Samsung 970 PRO NVMe
Samsung 4k 60Hz display


Witcher 1 (Aurora Engine 2007):
Game starts with cinematics and menus running over 1300 FPS, which is also causing noisy coil-whine. Chill does not fix this, it applies only when 3D rendering starts.


Game does not have any integrated frame limiter, while in previous versions this could be fixed by Frame Rate Target Control - FRTC.


Witcher 2 (Red Engine 2):
Exactly same as above.


FRTC may resolve compatibility issues with older games, and prevent damage to hardware. Chill did not worked there.


Witcher 3 (Red Engine 3):
Game has integrated Frame limiter, however there is small thing with Shader Cache.


Older versions of the driver allowed 3 distinct settings:
a) Off
In this case, new object (or NPC) to show up on the screen caused a stutter. Evertime.


b) On (Probably current default for 2020)
Game stuttered once when loading new object or NPC, and once it was cached everything was smooth for the future.


c) AMD Optimized
Game was not stuttering when loading new object or NPC at all.


Some other games (based on CryEngine) may have shader cache implemented in the engine, therefore its better to leave it off.


When enabled, game shows console controls instead of PC ones. At current settings, Chill takes about 1-2 FPS from the performance regardless its not restricting the game by any means on 4k.

Overlay seems to be crashing, and stuttering the game.


Why is all the above relevant? Well Cyberpunk 2077.


Nier: Automata
When a specific animation of constant regeneration is observed, its visible a square over main character which looks a bit like a flickering. However its not clear whether its an animation or artifact.


Mortal Kombat Komplete:
No Issues whatsoever. Game restricts its FPS to 60.
(Notes: Shader Cache "ON" worked best for the game in older versions of the driver. "AMD Optimized" caused few issues, while "Off" could cost some performance)
(Note: AMD Overlay may cause stutters)


Skyrim Legendary Edition:
No Issues whatsoever. Game restricts its FPS to 60.
(Note: AMD Overlay may cause few stutters)



- FRTC can prevent issues with too high FPS in Menus and Cinematics, where 3d Rendering does not apply.
- Shader Cache should remain available to Enable/Disable/AMD Optimized for each game profile.
- Even when Chill and FRTC are very similar in attempts how to protect GPU from short-loop scenarios, Chill does not work for all scenarios and cost some of the GPU performance.
- Overlay (Ctril-Shift-O) seems to be crashing stuttering or "blinking" a bit.