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RX 590: Windows error 31 after installing Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.2

Question asked by unknownuser1717 on Dec 15, 2019

Yesterday I wanted to update my graphics card drivers. I did everything like the times before and after the reboot my second monitor is not recognized anymore and I can't make any more settings to the screens in the Windows settings. The driver says:
There is no AMD video driver installed or the AMD driver is not working properly. Install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware".
I've tried to reinstall the driver twice, but it didn't help. The device manager says only error 31 and in the Windows forum it is recommended to reinstall the driver or to do this via windows update. I used the special amd program to remove the old driver.

How can I solve the problem?
My System:

Ryzen 2600 -stock cooler 

NITRO+ RX 590 8G G5 SE

AsRock B450 Pro4

16GB 3000 Ram by Corsair