Amd software display an fps counter and make beep sound

Discussion created by vick09 on Dec 14, 2019
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so i know it's caused by the software because if I install the drivers without amd radeon software I don't get this thing but if I install the software i'm able to get the counter. 


Basically when I open a game i get a fps counter on the top-left and if I press shift, ctrl or alt it make a beep sound and hide / show de counter (sometimes it just does nothing but I still get the sound).


I tried everything but wasn't able to get rid of it.


Any solution ?


Edit: when the game is in widow mode i get the fps counter when i start the game. If i'm in full screen i get it by randomly spamming shift & ctrl and I don't know if it's usefull or not but the fps displayed aren't accurate, I get 230 displayed instead of real 190fps.