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Graphic card turning off by itself

Question asked by henrique1123 on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by hardcoregames™

Hello, sometimes my pc goes off by itself accompanied by a robotic sound, it does not turn off completely, the screen goes off and the video card led is flashing, just turning off and on again to return to normal.


Every time this happens, it is by the Kernel-Power 41 error in the event viewer, also at the same time, the Kernel-Processor-Power 35 error.


Each error says:


--Kernel-Power 41: The system was restarted without a proper shutdown first. This error may be caused when the system stops responding, hangs, or runs out of power unexpectedly.


--Kernel-Processor-Power: Performance power management features on processor X in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware issue. Check with your computer manufacturer for updated firmware.


This usually happens once a day, I also have stuttering issues in games, maybe it has to do with it.


* All my drivers are updated, bios also in the latest version.


* I am using Ryzen's power plan, I have already tested it on High Performance and the problem continues.


* I have no problems with temperature.


* I've formatted several times, disabled some windows services, tested some bios options.


* Game mode on / off does not change anything.


* I tested with and without overclocking and it doesn't change anything either.


* I tested with and without sound / internet.


* 100% health SSD / HDD without badblocks.


* I used DDU uninstaller too .


* About stutterings, it happens in all games but is not accompanied by robotic sound.


* Turning the PC off on its own is pretty random, sometimes it happens when I'm playing and when I'm simply tweaking the browser.


* No problem on graphic card (sent it to RMA and said it was not defective), power supply (tested with a multimeter), ram memory (tested on memtest86).


* I have my doubts if it's the faulty motherboard or the processor, or simply some windows configuration that is interfering with it.






Ryzen 5 1600
B450 Aorus Elite
Rx 580 4gb Gigabyte
CX 550w Corsair
16gb DDR4 4X4 Ram
2 SSD / 1 HDD