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12.1 & 12.2 drivers cause serious mouse freeze and app crashes

Question asked by manaberry on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by manaberry

I’m a music composer and I just got a RX5700. Since it’s installed, stability has been a serious matter.

I’m working on a PC, Windows Pro 1903, with 128GB of RAM and a 6800K, connected to 2 WQHD displays and a main 4K display. I’m using Cubase 10.5 Pro.


When using 19.12.1 drivers, audio seems worst (pops and cracks) and the input devices got some serious random latency (cursor freezes for instance.)


When using 19.12.2 drivers, input latency is fixed but the drivers make Cubase crashed randomly.

I’m just one guy in this ocean of gamers, but I must have the same support. I would really like to get in touch with someone from AMD to figure out why. Some dedicated drivers for audio workstations would be nice.
We need a lot of displays to work fast. I’ve bought AMD for kernel latency purposes. I’m already regretting this.

UPDATE: 19.12.2 cause also mouse freezes