Can't install drivers

Discussion created by cupofredtea on Dec 13, 2019


A little story: I was working on my computer, then there appeared glitchy horizontal lines on my screen, they ran around for about 3 seconds, then I got BSOD with Bad_Pool_Header error. Then Windows had trouble booting up, after the Windows startup logo the screen would just go to black when the accounts would usually appear and the whole system freezes. I booted up safe mode and deleted the Radeon card in device manager with its drivers (I have a laptop with switchable Intel graphics with Radeon 6770M card) and Windows was able to run again. But now I can't install the drivers (I tried 3 different versions, the default for my laptop model and newer ones from the HP site), somewhere in the installation process the screen just goes to black and freezes every time.


I can't run any memtest programs either cause the system only sees the card as "Unidentified VGA adapter" and it doesn't show up in those tools. Although when I try automatic driver installation it can tell the model, but it also tells me it was unable to install drivers because of an error.


So the question is, is there a way to fix the GC on a software level or is my lappy a netbook now and I should try the crazy baking techniques? :') Pls help :"")


PS The laptop model is HP dv7-6053er (and yeah I know it heats like a kettle :') Probably cooked itself after 8 years :")