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Adrenaline 2020 display drivers not installing

Question asked by thedarkone198 on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2019 by colesdav

GPU: Radeon RX Vega 64

Windows 10,up to date.


I am trying to go from version 19.11.3 to the new 19.12.2 and every time I try, nothing works properly. After the obligatory restart, when it says it is finished installing (and yes,I have used the Factory Reset option,to no avail), it gives an error that no display drivers can load in Device Manager and when I try to open the new Radeon Settings app, it says that no compatible display adapter is detected and to visit the manufacturer website for the drivers needed. I have tried updating from within Radeon Settings, using the installer within the AMD folder and downloading and installing from the website download, after selecting my display adapter and Windows version. I even tried going into Device Manager and hunting down the .inf files that should install the drivers. No good, either these drivers are buggy as heck or something is up with my system. I have to use System Restore to bring it back to 19.11.3 because the installer for any older version immediately goes to get the new ones. Stupidly redundant if it does not let you install older versions for troubleshooting purposes, while keeping installers for older versions on your system. I guess I am not updating until I see a 12.2.3 or something higher in the future. Is anyone else suffering this issue? I really want to investigate the new driver features but it just will not let me. I feel sometimes that when things like this happen, that the RTG is either incompetent, releasing drivers that somehow have WHQL signing, but are buggy or they intentionally are giving GCN users the shaft. I do not know but this needs to be fixed soon.