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5700 XT Sapphire Reference random rebooting when idle or gaming

Question asked by starwolf.exe on Dec 12, 2019
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I've had an issue with my 5700 XT which has persisted across drivers. Randomly when gaming (even in non GPU intensive ones like Football Manager) or even idle (twice when downloading a Steam game my PC rebooted) my PC reboots itself with no error. The only change is my Wattman Settings reset to normal. This happens even on stock settings with my only change being fan curve (stock temperatures are far too high with the blower) and that means I'm able to game at 75C max without worry.


I easily destroy Prime95 and Superposition benchmarks and sometimes I can go days without this happening. It's totally random and not connected to temperatures as it also sometimes happens when idle or browzing.


I'm convinced this is due to the 5700 XT. My drivers are all up to date, I've used DDU Uninstaller to install latest versions, BIOS updated, no viruses, wires all connected in the PC, etc. etc.


Is there any fix or reason for this? Maybe a weird Wattman Setting I need to change? I've uploaded my dxdiag in case that helps.


Appreciate any assistance. I'm past a refund warranty otherwise I would definitely send it back. I don't think this is a faulty card as it runs incredibly well on AAA games at highest settings and I've seen other people with this issue across forums.


Thanks a lot.