*** is Radeon Software 2020 My 5700XT s burning.

Discussion created by jaydeejoy on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2020 by bobotmeister

i never buy any AMD cpu or Gpu again. Before uptade (2020 edition) i was using GPU tweak2 by asus for 5700 xt. and this lovely program have a some great tools.. 0 DB Fan. when i turned off my gpu never go up +40 degree.Fans always work. when i play games tempature go up 75-80 degree but its normal i know. when i quit game tempatures going down in a minute 80 to 45.
So after update gpu fans not working. my gpu 58 degree and fans still 0 rpm. i tryed manuel edit and still no chance. also this update not working with gpu tweak 2 software. i dont wanna hot tempature gpu cos hot gpu lives short.
fix this fan issue or alllow this gpu tweak2 program.