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Metrics display query for 2020 Adrenalins

Question asked by waltc on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by waltc

Like the new UI just fine (19.12.2)! --and what is especially nice about these is that all the functionality you'd expect is there, very much unlike the jump from .net-based Catalysts to the Crimsons in the beginning, in which full driver functionality found in the Catalysts was a long time in coming to the Crimsons, IIRC.  Everything is here in the 2020's except for one particular option I can't find:  the selective on-screen metric display.


I only like to display a few different metrics on screen when playing a game, like FPS, Vram usage, GPU clock, for instance, and while the 2020's provide all of the on-screen metrics positioning, color display, and transparency found in the pre-2020 drivers (19.12.1 and earlier), I cannot find where in the UI I can select which metrics I want displayed out of all those it's possible to display.  What happens is that I get all the possible metrics displayed instead of just the ones I want to see.  Is there a way to access the metrics list and pick and choose your displayed metrics as was possible in the older drivers?


(P.S.  I was attempting to add this post to another forum, "Graphics", but for some reason the post was redirected here.  So I have two similar posts in the same forum.  BTW, something is fouled in the forums...earlier today in this forum I couldn't post to other people's posts at all--hitting the reply button did nothing, and yet I was able to publish a new post...!  Go figure, looks like things are fairly jumbled up for some reason.  Just fyi, if you don't already know about it.)