AMD Threadripper 2920X High temperature

Discussion created by xxxleopardxxx on Dec 11, 2019
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I have on board:

ASRock Taichi X399

AMD Rizen Threadripper 2920X

be quiet! DARK ROCK PRO TR4


The temperature in the drain is 52-55 degrees. Under load it reaches 104. Is this normal?

I installed everything, as in the instructions. In idle 55 degrees. At the slightest load, it immediately jumps up to 75-80. In the test, fries 100+

The cooler does not have a flat sole. I polished it and polished it. It’s the same anyway. Even with tests, the radiator is cold. It’s as if he is not taking heat from the word at all.


If this is a normal temperature, how long will he live? And how it will affect performance. I took it specifically for work and rendering in AE. And what can be done, come up with?


In tests, this cooler usually cools even older models of this family, with a large number of cores.


I, like some of my friends, have a suspicion that the heat sink cover on the processor is uneven. Is it possible? And if so, what should I do and how should I be? I simply can’t work - I'm afraid that the processor will burn.



Thanks in advance!