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Freesync not working / stutter on 19.12.2

Question asked by wah123 on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by wah123

I am currently using a HDMI Freesync LG 22MP68 75hz monitors, and after the upgrade to 19.12.2, the freesync is not working anymore or driver have stuttering issue.


I was running arround in the tradeyard area of monster hunter world and noticed some massive stuttering when my fps went down to 59 - 60 which is still well within the freesync range.


Rolling back to 19.12.1 fixed the freesync issue and eliminate the massive stuttering that happen in the same area when my fps dropped to 59 - 60 which confirm that the freesync is indeed working with this version of driver.


I am using 5700 XT,  the game is running in borderless windowed mode, freesync is set to ON at game profile and display profile.