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RX 5700 series - AMD HDR API is outputting wrong colour space for MADVR renderer

Question asked by mclingo on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by mclingo

As Title states, when a HDR movie is played in MADVR and HDR is toggled (not using the windows HDR toggle) colours are poorly saturated. I am told by the MADVR community that there is a problem with the HDR API for the 5700 generation of card as this doesnt occur on the old RX400 and 600 series of cards but it does on all the NAVI based cards from driver 19.4.3 upwards.


This is a big deal as they card cannot properly support HDR using AMD's API and so if HDR is triggered in game using the AMD API the game will looks washed out like HDR movies.


This can be corrected by use of a workaround but applying a BT709 filter to the pre-output of the video played but this cant be using games.


I've logged a fault with AMD but heard nothing, if anyone has any contacts in the driver team please can this issue be communicated to them as they clearly cant be aware of it - which is frankly a surprise.


This isnt the only problem, I have also logged a video rendering fault here, clearly AMD arent putting much effort anymore into the video playback component of their drivers which is very disappointing as AMD has always been my go to card for my HTPCs.


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I'm pretty close to sacking this casrd off and putting my RX 580 back in, i'd rather not as this card is nearly twice as fast in gaming.