Many problem with RPR, so i returned to Cycles Render

Discussion created by notorious-69 on Dec 10, 2019
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Hi everyones !


After many hours to try many things about RPR, i decided to returned to Cycles to spend my times on rendering, not on setting..


My computer system : 

- Motherboard MSI B450M Gaming
- Graphic Card : Asus RX 580 8 Go OC

- Proc : Ryzen 7 2700 (16 threads OC @ 3.95Ghz)

- Ram / SSD : Corsair 16Go @3000Mhz / M.2 Samsung 970 SSD

- Os : Win10

- Software : Blender v2.81.16 (last on date) and Radeon ProRender 2.1.1 (core1.34.4)


Hmm I'm gonna try to be clear because i don't speak very well.


1 : The message of death : 
When i'm try to rendering a medium or heavy weight scene (like one studio into a cube mesh + 2 light + 1 object + some things) an error appear during the render  : ERROR "Unable to allocate array with shape (93312000,) and data type float32. Please see log for more details." 
No reason, i try to set allllllllll the setting....


2 : Pixel on the right side : Dead pixel on the rightside off my render image 


3 : Fog Effect : When I want to have a "God Ray" on my object, the right side of my screen doesn't want to render the RPR.Fog. 
The software try to render left to right like a writter, but it keep a margin on the right (from top to down)

I join a picture of this last problem




Thx to the developer for the good work except this littles things and sorry for my english