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ryzen 5 2400g vega 11 any driver never then 19.6.3 gives me BSOD

Question asked by jamespoo on Dec 10, 2019

so around i think July i updated my graphics driver for vega 11 but playing games it would freeze every now and then and i get bsod's so i went back to the older driver i had installed 19.6.3 and had 0 problems then about a month or so latter i noticed a new driver update it was newer then the one i installed that caused bsod problems so i thought maybe the other driver was just bad so i installed it but go bsod again


there is a even never driver update 19.12.1 but im scared to update as its a pain to have to go back to 19.6.3 if this driver also causes bsod


anybody know what i can do or why newer drivers then 19.6.3 cause bsod