100% memory controller load problem

Discussion created by ryzen1988 on Dec 9, 2019

Hey guys, i have another strange problem, sometimes i think i am haunted or something.


Got some good working pro duo cards from my 2950x that i upgraded to the 3960x, with all else the same except new mobo and cpu. Also done a fresh windows install.


I noticed the Pro duo cards where terribly slow all of a sudden in applications.

When checking with GPU-z i discovered the memory controller was at full load, all the time from the moment the machine turns on.

On all the pro duo cards.

Tried reinstalling GPU drivers

Tried cleaning with DDU

Tried reinstalling chipset drivers.


I can only guess its something specific in this build/install thats causing the cards to choke.

But it would be a pain to again reinstall windows, and find out it does not help.

Any one seen this before?