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Mac with 5700 XT/Core X Chroma

Question asked by bombaxii on Dec 10, 2019

Was very excited to try out an eGPU solution using Radeon RX 5700 XT in a Razer Core X Chroma on my 2018 MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.1. I selected these because of, but no go.


Anyone out there having a similar issue? The Macbook sees the Core X Chroma on the Thunderbolt bus, but does not see the 5700 card. The card is seated in the chassis and the 6+2 power cables are plugged into the card through the 5700's included adapter. When I plug in the thunderbolt cable, everything lights up, fans spin, the card's fan is activated, 'Radeon' lights up, but the Mac doesn't see the card when I view the Graphics/Displays section in the System Information report, and it doesn't recognize an external monitor attached through the card. It sees only the Core X.


It doesn't seem like there's a lot I could have done wrong, and I've reseated the card twice in the Core X and have no luck. Anything I'm missing?