RX 5700 XT, performance issues (lag spikes)

Discussion created by whipkickin on Dec 8, 2019


  • AMD Ryzen 2600X
  • ASUS Rog STRIX RX 5700 XT
  • ASUS Rog STRIX B450-F Gaming (BIOS 2901)
  • 2x8 GB Corsair vengance pro rgb @ 3000 Mhz (15-17-17-35)
  • Corsair RM650 (650W PSU)
  • Samsung 850 EVO SSD


  • 1080p @ 60hz philips (PHL 243V5) (HDMI)
  • 4K @ 60hz AOC (U2879VF) (Display port)


  • Logitech G502 Hero
  • Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate (Blue switches, EU layout (Sweden))
  • TP-link TL-WR1042ND (v1.8 running OpenWRT on a 100/100Mbps connection)

O/S and software

  • Windows 10 Professional version 1909 (2019-10-18)
  • Ryzen master (though never touched)


  • AMD Chipset driver version

  • Currently running AMD GPU driver version 19.9.2
    (recommended) without the Radeon software but I've tried them all with and without Radeon.

  • ASUS GPU Tweak 2
    (Recently installed just for the OSD while gaming, problem occurs without this software as well.)

(I previously had a lot of issues with the screen going black forcing me to restart the computer, though this problem seem to have vanished.)


When using the Radeon software I've tried to turn off every setting, (chill, anti-lag, free-sync etc.)


Description of the problem

It seems like the card is somewhat/sometimes underpowered while gaming.
I can get a steady FPS of 60 with V-sync on or 200+ without, but not constantly. The cards GPU clock can go to 6 Mhz or in this case 143 Mhz (it seems to start at 6 Mhz and climb up) for a brief period of time in the middle of a game, decreasing my FPS only to boost up right after giving me my FPS back.

The temperature of the card is not high when this happens, in this case about 60 Celcius. (Sometimes the card is not even hot enough for the fans to start)


So in short, I get lag spikes because the card decides to go into some sort of low power mode at random times. Only to kick in right afterwards and boost the FPS back to normal.

In this case the game displayed is StarCraft 2, but this has happened (even worse so) while gaming Apex Legends which is a real pain. (Also to note that these two games are the only games I play as I don't use the PC for primarily gaming)


I used a GTX 1060 with an FX 8350 in the past and I never had issues like this, the games ran smoothly.
The lag spikes occurs regardless of graphic settings and regardless of display and resolution, I can have them all on LOW or all at MAX.


The games run smoothly on a high FPS only to give me spikes at any random time.

I mean I'm at loss, I've recorded statistics of the card and PC while gaming with the problem, there's no odd cause what I can see more than that the card just clocks itself down for no apparent reason.


Any suggestion as to what the cause might be or what I can try next is greatly appreciated, I suspect this to be driver issues though.


Pictures of the PC itself and the in-game data

In-game OSD


PC itself, lot's of room for air-flow.


Here's the spike, you can see it almost at the end. The dead zone to the far right is when the game's been turned off an Windows explorer is displayed.