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RX 580 Insane voltage spike even when undervolted

Question asked by x_flow on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by x_flow

I run HWMonitor in the background while playing to keep an eye on the voltage, I undervolted my GPU down -80mV from 1150 mV to 1070 mV and it's so far stable, power limit set to +0%.


600 MHz / 769 mV
900 MHz / 870 mV
1145 MHz / 920 mV
1215 MHz / 945 mV
1255 MHz / 975 mV
1300 MHz / 1030 mV
1365 MHz / 1070 mV


Even at 1070 mV it's constantly showing as 1075 mV in HWMonitor, not that big of a deal anyways.

But sometimes I get this voltage reading on HWMonitor, I don't know if it's wrong reading on this software or not but it sometimes reaches 1342 mV, certainly not a safe amount, I hope it's nothing more than an inaccurate reading.


Worth noting that the exact thing happened to me before TWICE (once at 1342 mV and once at 1350 mV) with stock voltage but power limit set to +10%.


So my question is, should I rely on this voltage reading and do something about it or just ignore it since it may just be a misreading? How reliable is HWMonitor's voltage reading anyways?