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Trouble scaling with new Radeon Settings app

Question asked by assemblycoder on Dec 8, 2019

   Hello, I have a media PC/server built on an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 motherboard, with an AMD Phenom II1090T CPU, with 8 GB of system RAM, using a Windows 7 Ultimate OS platform.  The video card is a passive cooled Radeon R7 250 that is connected through HDMI to a Philips model# 46PFL3505D/F7 LCD display.


   Everything was working together wonderfully for the last 5 years, then I thought it might be prudent to update the video driver.  That is when things went bad.  The new "Radeon Settings" app that replaces the previous "AMD Catalyst CC" is unable to scale the Philips display.  I enabled the "GPU Scaling" button, however the "HDMI Scaling" control slider will not move, or respond to any cursor input.  Thus, I am presented with a display image that is larger than my Philips screen, and I am missing about 10% of the outer image.


   The original CD source driver for the passively cooled Radeon R7 250 video card has developed reading issues and I cannot uninstall the mess I'm in, and reload the original driver package that was working well.  Now I'm really regretting the thought that updating the video driver was a good idea.  I cannot find any older AMD driver sources that would contain the previous "AMC Catalyst CC" that did successfully scale the display, so I'm asking for help.