Core Clock does not increase for certain games

Discussion created by switchblade on Dec 7, 2019
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My base core clock shows me at 0MHz when I am idle. It usually increases to 625MHz when any games are started on my steam account.


I am unable to get the core clock to 625 MHz when playing PathOfExile (a certain game).


Rest of the other games that I own increases the core clock to 625MHz

With the core clock at 300 MHz for path of exile , the game is currently unplayable for me.

I suspect its a driver issue because previously this kind of problem use to go away when I update my driver.

I did a fresh install of my OS recently and I could not get the core clock of my card to go up to the desired amount.

I've attached a screenshot of the info of my card via GPU

AMD card description with the latest to date driver

What should I do?


Screenshots of problem

Not a problem for other games