5700 XT, artifacts and crashes

Discussion created by soeren on Dec 7, 2019
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My 5700 XT experience thus far has been a sh*t show, and I need some help. I really want the 5700 XT to work out for me but I'm having major issues.


I have flicker on items and some surfaces in DayZ. I tried different vBIOS, different driver and a new PSU, nothing changed. I'm currently on Radeon 19.12.1 with the ASUS efficiency vBios ( on my 5700 XT Strix.


I tried 19.9.2 (WHQL), 19.11.3 and 19.11.1. The Q, E and P vBios for the Asus Strix. And I'm running it off of a two day old Seasonic Prime TX-650, and I'm running Windows 10 Pro.


This is the artifacting/flicker I experience (first video is mine, notice the windshield):


My second and biggest problem, is the no signal crash. My screen goes black, then blue and I get a "no signal" message from my monitor, the game sound loops and then the system freezes.


Other times, the screen goes black if I alt+tab, and if I'm lucky I can alt+tab back and forth a few times and recover, but other times the system freezes.


I uninstalled all monitoring tools (Asus Tweak II, MSI afterburner etc.), changed PCI-E to 3.0 mode, used DDU driver cleaner between divers, ran games in window mode, tried different HDMI and DisplayPort cables, and whatever else people where suggesting.


Describe your system:


    AMD Graphics Card
        Asus 5700 XT Strix
    Desktop or Laptop System
    Operating System
        Windows 10 Pro 64bit
    Driver version installed
        19.9.2 (WHQL)
    Display Devices
       BenQ XL2420T 1080P @ 60Hz HDMI or 144Hz DisplayPort
    Motherboard + Bios Revision
       MSI B450M Mortar Max (Bios 7B89v25)
        Ryzen 5 3600X
    Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        Seasonic Prime TX650 (80+ Titanium 650W)
        2x16GB Ballistix


I know I'm beating a dead horse with these problems at this point, but I just want to add my voice the others that have similar issues. It's frustrating having this many problems with a brand new card.