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HELP!!!! I've tried everything!!

Question asked by whydoyouthink on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by gigkvl


Kingston A2000 500 gb

RGB Corsair vengeance 16 gb (2x8)

Ryzen 7 3700x 

RX 5700 XT Power color, red devil 

Stock CPU cooler 

Rog strix x570-f motherboard 


Phanteks P400a Digital.


So I just build a gaming pc. It worked fine, until I updated my AMD drivers, i keep getting WHEA_UNCONTROLLABLE_ERROR or video_scheduler_internal_error...


I've come to a point where I even believe the whole pc is faulty... it's either the ram sticks, or mainboard or the SSD OR CPU.......


I used DDU, AMD Uninstall Utility, used old drivers, like 19.7.5... 

THEN THE PC WORKS FINE. Until I shut it down! I even get a crash error, if i try to shut it down. The hdmi, displayport etc works fine... 


My mainboard's rgb and case rgb even stopped working....


I dont know what to do..