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Resource handling in ProRender SDK

Question asked by lubke on Dec 6, 2019

Hello ProRender team,


the documentation is quite vague about the internal resource handling of ProRender objects (meshes, textures, nodes...).

So my general questions at the moment are:


1. Which items must be freed with rprObjectDelete? Is there a general rule e.g only 'root' objects?

    I just assume that the sample code correctly deals with this and there for instance a

    texture image node is not freed itself which is a child item of a diffuse node.

2. How about sharing of objects between different parent objects? Is it for instance allowed to share a texture image

    node between multiple material nodes or must each one create its own? If sharing is possible I assume there is some

    kind of internal reference counting to correctly deal with topic 1.


Thanks in advance - I'm afraid this won't be my last questions.