Discussion created by sdgrant22 on Dec 6, 2019

I'm having a technical problem it increasingly seems will only be solved by replacing, at minimum, my CPU & mobo. Currently I'm using an AMD A8-3850 APU in a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H, 16 gigs of Corsair Vengeance memory I forget the particulars (it was like 6+ years ago). Was wondering what recommendations there might be for an up-to-date AMD CPU/motherboard combo in the range of $500 street price for use w/Win10? I gather it's worth getting an SSD for a C: drive; is an M2 worth it? (I know I'd need a motherboard that accommodates one.) I'm not a gamer; I do some light video, audio & graphic editing & desktop publishing but otherwise mostly use my computer for business functions & watching video. I'm not wedded to the $500 limit, that's just my starting point. Thanks very much for any advice. (Don't know if it matters, but I run 3 monitors off the thing.)