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3960X insane performance, far above expectation in real life

Question asked by ryzen1988 on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2019 by ryzen1988

Hey just wanted to do a positive vibe post about my new 3960x

Of course i have watched a lot of benchmarks and stuff but the real world performance just blows my mind on how good this cpu is.

Its replacing my 2950X, with only the cpu and mobo swap.

I do a lot of video editing and AI inference, just before the upgrade i had a 20min video processed with AI super sampling, noise reduction and enchantment.

With CPU only the 2950X took almost 24 hours to complete.

The 3960X took only 9,4 hours, thats amazing.

Another application that does advanced noise reduction took the 2950x with 4 gpus to get around 30fps.

Now the 3960x alone does 42fps.

Its also in a rackserver with a little cooler so its a minimum of possible performance.


Really blow away with the insane amount of real world performance gain over previous gen.

I thought it was kind of expensive but after working on it i can say its a cheap bargain

Don't mind the lousy cable job, will fix that before putting it back in the server rack